nod consultants - Nod stole my money and lost my home

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nod is the worst company in the world i dont understand why they are in business!!!They said they would help me and i lost my home.In these difficult times there are people in our country stealing our money and costing us our homes.Why wont the BBB or the AG close this company and other companys down.

the people from nod act like they want to help but when they dont they act like little kids.

They dont answer your calls and wont give your money back after they failed to do THE JOB YOU PAIED THEM TO DO..I work very hard for my money to put a roof over my familys head and when i needed the money to save my home i was 2500 short.I could have used that 3000 that i gave nod but would not give it back after they failed to do their job.

nod consultants - Took my money, what a scam

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i went to them for a laon modification on my home ,make it sound like you got a approval on a lower interst rate,and no payments for 90 days,wich is not true, and can get this done for you for a fee , they have my money wont respond to emails or calls.just tell you what you want to hear, when you sign up and then nothing from them after .

they just took the money and run, boy am i pissed.

have all your personal information, what next identity theft.and to take advantage of people when they trust you to help them , what lowlifes.

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Almost paid 3000.00 to nod consultants and then talked to mortgage company found out it is a scam.

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Sounded too good to be true house note cut in half, already approved just fax bank account and routing number for them to withdraw the money.Decided to take 48 hrs to think about it as stated in the paperwork even though representative didn"t like that.

He was very pushy and wanted us to come up with the money for their fees no matter what it took.Decided to call our mortgage company and no activity was shown no nogatation call or anything had even been made like the nod employee had stated.

Keep your money talk to your mortgage company yourself and got interest rate even lower then nod had stated.Definitely a scam!!!!!!

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nod consultants - NOD is a SCAM

Forest Lake, Minnesota 15 comments

NOD Consultants is a scam. Do not use them.

After four months of being led around and no results, they will not offer any refund. Their smoke and mirrors is deceiving and in the end you will have nothing but bad credit. Let me repea.....YOU WILL HAVE BAD CREDIT and no results!

I have called the company repeatedly to get satisfaction and they play the pass the buck game. There is absolutely nobody in this company that will help me or give me a direct answer. They continually make suggestions for my finances and then back off of the suggestions when confronted.

I have never felt so embarassed as I am right now. I was promised lower monthly house payments and now run the risk of losing my home.

Please do not put yourself through the torture of using NOD Consultants.

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Koloa, Hawaii, United States #1197391

Why are you blaming a employee of a company that you paid.You shouldn't mention employee names as they scammed you.

It was the company who was owned by Samari Quadri which is the attorney of the company and owner.

Get the facts straight before smearing a innocent employee who you just remember there name.Those employees were also scammed by the attorney and not paid there wages.

New York City, New York, United States #647560

I was scammed by Richlyn Graf as weel but she was working for Estate Law Group.I paid 3695 for a loan modification that never happened.

She did absolutely NOTHING and is still scamming people.

I have now modified my loan with my lender but my credit took a hit and I am out 3695.STAY away from this criminal!

to E Z E Adelanto, California, United States #665909

Why are you blaming a employee of a company that you paid.You shouldn't mention employee names as they scammed you.

It was the company who was owned by Samari Quadri which is the attorney of the company

Get the facts straight before smearing innocent employee names.Those employees were also scammed by the attorney and not paid there wages.

to E Z E Koloa, Hawaii, United States #1197389

Richlyn never scammed you!The company did.

Richlyn was only a employee.Why dont you mention the owners Scott or Chris.


NOD and the people that work there are nothing but crooks.I hope KARMA is a *** one day!!

I had MANY sleepless nights because I was going through foreclosure. NOD takes your money and tells you the mortgage company just gives threats. NOD started screening my calls and even hanging up on me. I had to pay my mortgage company $10,000 to keep my house by the time "I" straightened it all out.

PLEASE do NOT use them!!!!!!The worst and most embarassing times of my life!!

to Scammed in Texas San Bruno, California, United States #971157

You should have known better.The laws in your state don't allow mtg companies to modify and future in debt you, ***!

If your a homeowner you should know better, and pay your mortgage like everyone else does.

We already are paying as a nation for your bad credit choices.Blame yourself.


The statements made about NOD Consulting Services is untruthful made on here! Same on you!

Richlyn helped me save my home! A far cry from some scam.

My husband and I lost our jobs and experienced a loss of a child. We could not make our mortgage payments. She negotiated with our lender, and stopped the sale of our home going into a foreclosure sale.

I am so grateful for Richlyn's help. She really was a angel sent to help us.


I made the big mistake of hiring Richlyn Graf to work for my company.I loaned her $5,000.00 in the form of an employee advance.

She never even showed up for work for one minute.Richlyn Graf has no scruples and is a true scam artist.

to Mae San Clemente, California, United States #971156

This is false. No one loaned Miss Richlyn money nor did Miss Richlyn work for this lady. In fact this lady was stocking Miss Richlyn and filed a restraining order against MAE.


This complaint is false. This was posted by a ex employee.


I too was scammed in Hawaii.They promised a lower mortgage payment with my loan modification.

I lost my home on March 1, 2011. I called all day to get back my $3000 that I paid up front. I got the run arounds too, they told me that Chris was in a meeting with lawyers. I called back 3 hours later the phone was not in service.

Shame on NOD Consultants..No Aloha.

No conscience.Auwe.


Have you been scammed by - Grant Gerhart, Richlyn Graf, Nicolas Godbout.Do not trust these people or NOD consultants.

They will take your money and you will never hear from them again.

Class action lawsuits will be filed.Get your money back.

to Scammed Santa Ana, California, United States #971155





Just got scammed from these crooks too.Don't use these people.

They seem legit by asking you all the questions, but they are not. They took $2,000 of my money and now will not return calls or emails. They are a scam. I promise you they will take your money and run.

Why do this to people when we are already having a crisis?

They are crooks and should be locked up!TRUST ME- DONT USE THESE PEOPLE!


I feel your pain.I too have been scammed by NOD Consultance.

I paid $3000.00 up front for a loan modification and now, 10 months later close to losing my home. I finally called my loan institution and was told that this company is on their list of scam operations.

I too am very embarrassed for dealing with NOD Consultance.My bad...

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nod consultants - Nod consulting

Livingston, New Jersey 14 comments
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This is for anyone dealing or contemplating using nod consultants. For those of you not familiar with them they are a mortgage loan modification firm.

Recently I had been working with them because of a flyer that came in the mail, everything was going fine and I thought I was on track for the 4.25% interest rate they had supposedly negotiated with my noteholder BOA.

Well I started to do my homework when they sprung the hidden fee on me and told me I only had 48 hours to accept the deal, $3000 FYI. So I went online and found a list of documents that you should request when working with anyone, and I forgot to mention I had been phoning and E-mailing these guys but never had I actually met a real live peson.

I emailed them once again and told them I could not afford $3000 but a mere $500, we ended up negotiating to $975 and they were willing to personally finance the remaining balance. I then emailed them the request for documents that I had found online. Suddenly no response the 48 hours came and went so I called BOA and they informed me there had been no activity on my account.

I went on to learn that loan modifications are done by mortgage banks brokers and other organizations generally at no charge. So I called the broker who had secured my mortgage four years ago he was happy to help me FREE of charge and I have negotiated payments I can afford. Things are definitely looking up for me now and I am pretty sure the FBI will get a hold of these filthy rats, God bless America. And to think how close I was I am sure they would have taken my $975 and vanished.

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take a look at the comments by Famer Dan #8 and Jade Scales #10---- BOTH SUPPOSEDLY HAPPY CLIENTS SPELLED THE WORD TOOK AS "TOLK" WOW!!

someone brings a new meaning to the word that you can't trust anyone


I got denied last year too.They said I made too much money.

How can I get denied by making too much money?Dont they want my money?


I was declined last year for a loan modifcation through these people.Why was I denied?

They said my DTI was too low. I don't understand. These people are the worst company ever. I am having a hard time with my credit cards and I need my mortgage payments lower.

What is wrong with this world!:(


NOD is the best company I have ever worked with.They have top-notch service.

I got a great laon mod out of utilizing them to take care of all the intense calculating, research and processing of the loan modification. Thank you for this Company!

I got a 3 percent interest rate for 30 years fixed!WOOHOOO!!!!!


They are a complete fraud and THEY should be ashamed of what they did to honest hard-working individuals.I have worked with them since July and while everything seemed like it was moving forward they have completely feel off the face fo the earth.

I am out almost $6,000 and they did absolutely nothing for me.DO NOT USE THEM!


They take your money and don't follow through.My guess, it's a 2-3 person operation.

They have one person collect money upfront that sounds competent, then, they don't do nothing. They are buried with complaints and pissed off customers wanting their money back. If your lucky, they may refund half, but that's it. Their all about getting money.

They are incompetent and don't do any work when it's comes to the mod process. If your lucky, they may just forward what you prepare and give them. They don't talk or negotiate with lender on your behalf. They do bare minimum - hit the forward button.

It's unfortunante our government has set up this HAMP & Mod program for people to be scammed and taking advantage of. The government should be responsible for modifying peoples loans for free and making lenders actually cooperate.

Please - any one out there don't TRUST NOD.Do the mod yourself.


Something is serious wrong!I'm going thru it now!

I gave them my money and still waiting to hear frm them?? My bank has not talked with them. I don't understand how some of you had such a wonderful experience? I started looking them up and there is more than a few complaints.

How long have you guys been paying your new mortgages? Who are you sending your money to?

The bank or NOD?And why so much pressure and so much money to give if they are helping you save money?


I've been trying to restructure my loan for 10 months through NOD consultants.I finally called my loan institution and found out that the documents sent in by NOD were invalid.

I've been attempting to reach my consultant for weeks and I cant get a reply. I truly think that any positive statement made by an individual on this site is that from an NOD employee. Call your loan institution yourself and get the ball rolling for free.

I paid $3,000.00 10 months ago and am no further along then I was when I sent my check.I got scammed by NOD Consultants.


Famer Dan,

You should be ashamed to even post such lies about this company. There are so little companies out there you can trust, and this is one of them from my personal experience.

Nod Consultants saved my home. If it wasnt for them I would have had my house sold last month and my family and I would be living on the streets.

The young lady that tolk care of my case informed us every step of the process with our lender.

We ended up saving $600.00 a month off our monthly payment and she also got $10,000.00 reduced off our original loan amount we had purchase our home for.


You know, you all could take a lesson here on how us Texans handle our business.Guess what, we are just now experiencing the Great Recession and we already have NOD Consultants to handle our debt load.

No, we don't act like a bunch a scared paranoid schizophrenics running around in the dark worried about who is on the other end of the phone line.

We handle our business, and you should too, Buck Up America.Buck UP.


I had a great experience with NOD Consultants Company. I worked with a really nice lady who tolk me through every step of the process.

I was really scared as I was going to lose my home in less than 1 month when I called them.

I got a modification in 2 weeks with them. I got a 2.65% interest rate for 30yrs and $10,000.00 reduced off my balance of my loan.I didnt have to make a payment for a month out on top of it.

Im more than satisified with this company and what they did for me. Absoulute angeles.

God bless


I'll throw out that bit of junk mail from NOD. BTW, Julie, it's the former republic Texas. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn't to be trusted.


Nod Consultants has been in business for a long time.How could they just vanish?

I did a loan mod with them like a year and a half ago. You know it really sounds like you are trying to slander a company based upon previous results from a different company? FarmerDan you are not making any sense.

You didnt even do a mod with them.How can you say things like that about a company that helps people.


I don't think so Mr FarmerDan.My name is Julie Frasier from The Republic of Texas.

I did a loan modification through NOD Consultants and I believe you are sadly mistaken. NOD Consultants financed my restructure through an in-house finance company that actually lends you a line of credit. How can a fly-by-night company lend money without being legitimate? I wish you the best of luck with your freebie modification from the rat that put you into this mess.

He probably felt guilty for being so greedy. Maybe you need to understand that this is not a facist state, that nothing in life is free and that maybe you are really angry with yourself for signing those loan documents in the first place??? You should seek counseling sir.

BTW thay got me a 3.75 from a 6.75.Thanks NOD CONSULTANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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